Co:Writer Spelling & Vocabulary, Translation, Speech-to-Text and Voice Typing

Write, Translate, Speak—Your Comprehensive Writing Assistant

Co:Writer uses grammar-smart and vocabulary-smart word prediction, translation supports, and speech recognition to help unstick ideas and get them to flow in writing.

Important Announcement

To our valued Snap&Read and Co:Writer Customers… changes coming to your tools, and what we are doing to minimize disruptions for users and educators.

Use Co:Writer to

Help Students with Dysgraphia

Learn about the tools and strategies that are helping students with dysgraphia complete their schoolwork and improve their writing.

Offer Other Ways to “Write”

Writing by hand and typing aren’t the only ways to turn ideas into text. Learn how voice typing can help students with writing struggles.

Support Dyslexia and Inclusion

When schools have the right tools for dyslexia, the outcomes are dramatic. Learn how Portland Public schools drove inclusion through accessibility tools.

Key Features

Neuron Word Prediction Icon

Neuron Word Prediction

Predict ahead using topic-specific vocabulary to naturally bring ideas together.

Speech Recognition Icon

Speech Recognition

Click the microphone and speak to turn words into writing on Google Drive, email and across the web.

Test Mode for Assessments

Automatically adjust over 35 features to comply with your state’s testing accommodation requirements.

Translation Icon


Get word-by-word translation in 25+ languages. Write in your first language and watch it translate in real-time.

Flexible Spelling Feature Icon


Turn around phonetic and inventive spellings of even the least sound-outable English spellings like elephant or rhythm.

Vocabulary Feature Icon


Write on over 4 million topics from atomic structure to penguins by pulling in academic and topic-specific vocabulary.

Languages Feature Icon


Get word prediction across language with proper tense and conjugations.

Text Reader Icon

Talking Word Processor

Listen to text read aloud by letter, word, and/or sentence (even when not using word prediction).

Horizontal Layout Feature Icon

Horizontal Layout / Keyboards

Write effectively with a convenient horizontal layout on your page, or enable a custom keyboard into your tablet or mobile device.

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